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Our Official Partnership

Following our positioning strategy in the local IT market, ICreate has officialized in May the partnership with Oracle and is now a Gold Level member of the Oracle Partner Network Specialized. >>



"My professional life started here. I was perfectly integrated in the young and informal environment that predominates in the company. The communication is easy, with all the elements of the hierarchy, which turns easy to expose new ideas/opinions in order to contribute to the company''s success. Nevertheless, since I started my activity I keep feeling my skills developing, as expected. The collaborator is always valued and defended, being the choices always made for his own good as well as the company''s." by Nuno Prata

"Without doubt the best company I have ever worked. Here we are treated as friends with respect and dignity. A small company, with big ideas, great intellect and human potential.
In fact a great place to work. Good environment, good team spirit,
proficiency... Here we’re People! Not numbers." by Pedro Gouveia

"I started at iCreate long ago. Thru them I had the opportunity to work directly at the central office with the people that make this company fell like home. I don’t want to be misunderstood, nor have salary increment, but what I experienced was the genuine concern with employees their welfare and happiness. Successful proof of that was when I decided to move my life to Oporto. Everyone did their utmost effort to get me close to my newest home! Thanks a lot! Truly! I wish to maintain myself here for long." by João Ferreira

"In my opinion, one of the best aspects, fairly the most important within this corporate reality, is communication, especially between departments, managers and employees. Other aspect that I came to value, and I believe other outsourced developers too, is the strong team spirit that exists among us at iCreate. I would also highlight the events, specially the annual retreat. On the other side the ongoing training that we have access to." by Ricardo Barradas

"ICreate has a vision of the future. We are flexible and agile to meet the needs of our customers. Apart from results obtained, it is also given importance to its main asset, where concern and investment in human resources is a reality." by João Rodrigues