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Our Official Partnership

Following our positioning strategy in the local IT market, ICreate has officialized in May the partnership with Oracle and is now a Gold Level member of the Oracle Partner Network Specialized. >>



Directly connected to our Process of Talent Management (Performance Evaluation), are the Careers.
Through the iCreate Process of Talent Management, we want to achieve the following steps:
In what concerns to the Human Resources:
Evaluate, in a reliable way, the development of each person in the pursuit of the objectives defined for his work.
As an element team, his contribute to a higher development of his workgroup.
Get to know the training needs of each resource, allowing to him the acquisition of new abilities, and the improvement of others.
Ensure the existence of feedback from the all parts involved in the process (human resources, project manager and client manager).
Relative to our Clients:
Always work with the objective of satisfy and overcome their expectations.

Concerning to all this, adding together the level of experience of each one in a specific area, and the wishes of professional evolution, we frame our Human Resources in the different level of Careers that we have. The evolution just depends of each one of you!

iCreate, as a company that wants to maintain a lightweight and flexible structure, preserves the following values:
Hard work to achieve and exceed our goals;
The constant ready for a change;
The treatment of each other us as colleagues, with no bureaucratic structure;
The constant give value to creativity and seek of new business opportunities;
Motivate personal development through ongoing training.

At our company you could develop your career on the following Functional Areas:
Database Administration
Systems Administration
We work with the following Technological Areas:
If you seek for excellence, and constant challenges, be ambitious and join our team!